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Created 24-Sep-08
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While in Perth I was checking the Surf Report and hoping to catch some Aussie beach bums hanging ten on those notorious big waves… but the surf was pretty piss poor the whole week I was there. Although they did report a dead whale had beached up north… near Sorrento Beach, Australia, about 40 Km NW of Perth.

Here are some shots of what was an all day affair. Took the crews about 7 hours and half a dozen pieces of equipment to get this monster hauled away. Apparently it was a adolescent blue whale, maybe 1 or 2 years old. The report said that it had died at sea the night before and they tracked it as it drifted into shore. Makes me ask… why they didn’t hook on to it and drag it way out to sea, before it washed on shore?? I’m sure it would have been easier to dispose of 100 miles out. Oh well.. at least they didn’t blow it up with dynamite like they did on the West Coast of the States years back… can you say raining blubber!

The whale was about 45 feet long… the truck was 30 feet long. You do the math. It sure made for a interesting ride through the neighborhood.

WARNING some of the pictures may not be what you want to look at before lunch.

As you can see… the place was a hit. By 1pm there were a couple hundred people watching the move.

No worries mate… it’s just nature

Gudday Bruce, waebalonga sheeabdeep!

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