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Created 29-Jan-11
Modified 31-Oct-23
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A collection of photos of the canals in Amsterdam, Holland

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Category:Travel and Places
Subcategory Detail:Netherlands
Keywords:Amsterdam, Canals, D700, Europe, Holland, Nikon, Travel,

GPI_4193.NEF - Amsterdam, HollandGPI_4232.NEF - Amsterdam, HollandGPI_4217.NEF - Amsterdam, HollandGPI_4337.NEF - Amsterdam, HollandGPI_4320.NEF - Amsterdam, HollandGPI_4205.NEF - Amsterdam, HollandGPI_4195.NEF - Amsterdam, HollandGPI_4208.NEF - Amsterdam, HollandGPI_4245.NEF - Amsterdam, HollandGPI_4272.NEF - Amsterdam, HollandGPI_4248.NEF - Amsterdam, HollandGPI_4285.NEF - Amsterdam, HollandGPI_4295.NEF - Amsterdam, HollandGPI_4328.NEF - Amsterdam, HollandGPI_4236.tif - Amsterdam, Canals of HollandGPI_4337-xx4.jpg - Amsterdam, Holland