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Christmas in Germany

Here are a few (well about 120) of the 2000+ plus pictures we took while in the “Fatherland”. These are mainly raw unedited shots. I wanted to get some online before I go through the entire collection and edit, title and comment on the bulk of our pictures. I have several hours of work to do on them… as soon the 16+ hours of jet lag subside.

Germany offered some unique photo opportunities and challenges. During our 8-day visit we only saw the Sun one day, and that was for only about 3 hours! I was warned that Northern Germany can be a bit gray in the winter.. and it can be. The sun doesn’t rise (if you can call it that) until about 8:30am this time of year, and by 4pm it is already set and dark again. Overall though, even with the heavy overcast, fog, rain, snow, and 50-foot high cloud cover, I enjoyed the weather. Most days the daytime temp was in the upper 30’s F, and at night it got down to just below freezing. The cold damp outside temps and the warm indoors made for a real battle with foggy lenses and condensation on the cameras though. Other then the one sunny day.. we experienced one day of snow and another of rain. The rest were just dark and gray.

As I say, I hope soon to have a better organized (and edited) collection online, but for now these will offer an idea of some of the sights. The Germans celebrate 3 Christmas holidays… Dec. 24th, Dec. 25th and Dec. 26th. I have plenty of shots of the many dinners and brunches we attended, and all the new friends I made. Did I mention the food? I feel like I ate my way across the country. I’m sure I gained 15 pounds! - although I’m afraid to look at the scale. Everyone was friendly and charming and they all made special effort to make this “Yank” feel at home. Most spoke English very well (in many cases better than I do) and even those who didn’t, made an outstanding effort…. Which is more than I can say about me… the German language is not a skill I acquired.

So enjoy these for now… they are a mixed lot ranging from the Paris airport to Hamburg, Berlin, Lueneburg, and the many small villages we explored.

More to come!

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Paris AirportThe Autobahn…The Autobahn…  at 170 KPH!Hotel On the Baltic SeaIs that in German?DSCF1026DSCF1030DSCF1038DSCF1039DSCF1069DSCF1072Real burning candles on the TannenbaumDSCF1102DSCF1104DSCF1107DSCF1113DSCF1115DSCF1117DSCF1122Luneburg Town Center