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Jan. 3, 2010

Woke up this morning to the sound of a news helicopter hovering over the neighborhood. A quick check of the news said there was a massive fire in the 1100 block of Heights Blvd... about 3 blocks away. It was about 34 degrees … but I decided to walk down and see if I could get some shots. The main fire was pretty much over by the time I arrived. Guess I might have gotten more of the fire if I hadn't stop for cigarettes and a cup of coffee in route. But is was early... and cold!!

Most of these are very high ISO (4000 to 6400iso) using available light. So many are very grainy.

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xGPI_4818_2_23K.nef --  Heights Blvd. FirexGPI_4821_3_23K.nef --  Heights Blvd. FirexGPI_4822_8_23K.nef --  Heights Blvd. FirexGPI_4832_7_23K.nef --  Heights Blvd. FirexGPI_4834_20_23K.nef --  Heights Blvd. FirexGPI_4842_28_23K.nef --  Heights Blvd. FirexGPI_4845_31_23K.nef --  Heights Blvd. FirexGPI_4846_32_23K.nef --  Heights Blvd. FirexGPI_4850_36_23K.nef --  Heights Blvd. FirexGPI_4856_42_23K.nef --  Heights Blvd. FirexGPI_4863_21_23K.nef --  Heights Blvd. FirexGPI_4865_22_23K.nef --  Heights Blvd. FirexGPI_4866_52_23K.nef --  Heights Blvd. FirexGPI_4880_26_23K.nef --  Heights Blvd. FirexGPI_4896_33_23K.nef --  Heights Blvd. FirexGPI_4897_34_23K.nef --  Heights Blvd. FirexGPI_4901_36_23K.nef --  Heights Blvd. FirexGPI_4908_37_23K.nef --  Heights Blvd. FirexGPI_4910_38_23K.nef --  Heights Blvd. FirexGPI_4911_39_23K.nef --  Heights Blvd. Fire