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Created 2-Aug-09
Modified 31-Oct-23
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A few from a fun weekend night shoot at the new ION shopping center in Singapore.

Shot mainly as a “fun” shoot.. several images were later entered into the NatGeo & Capitaland's Building People Photo Competition. Image number 6 and number 3 were selected as a finalist in the competition, which will display large prints at the ION Gallery in Singapore in Aug. 2010.

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Keywords:CapitaLand, Competition, ION Shopping Center, NatGeo, National Geographic, Night Photography, Night Photography, Singapore

GPI_7482_8686 ION Shopping CenterGPI_7506_8710 ION Shopping CenterGPI_7619_8823 ION Shopping Center NightGPI_7593_8797 ION Shopping Center NightGPI_7640_8844 ION Shopping Center NightGPI_7624_8828 ION Shopping Center NightGPI_7613_8817 ION Shopping Center NightGPI_7541_8745 ION Shopping Center NightGPI_7498_8702 ION Shopping Center NightGPI_7661_8865 ION Shopping Center NightGPI_7691_8895 ION Shopping Center NightGPI_7769_8973 ION Shopping Center Night