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Created 9-Jul-10
Modified 31-Oct-23
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Welcome to my iPhone Project.

For a long time I thought, like all respectable photographers, that Camera Phones were a joke. Truthfully, I don't think I ever used the camera function on my last 3 or 4 phones. Well that change about 6 months ago when I got my iPhone... I was amazed how (if you took your time) you could get remarkably good photos from this little gizmo. Combine that with some cheap editing Apps, and I was amazed at what you can produce.

So after playing with it a while I decided to start this “iPhone Project” Gallery. All of the shots were taken on an iPhone 3Gs. Most were taken with the App. “Pano” and about 90% of the editing was done in the phone with an App called “Photogene”... I did run most of them through a DeNoise program called Topaz (a Photoshop plug-in). But for the most part it didn't do much except on the very grainy night panos.


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Evidence - Head in JarThe Collector - Head in Jar9/11/2015 -Good Morning Houston - Iphone ImageGood Morning Houston - Iphone ImageGood Morning Houston - Iphone ImageCityscape Landscape, Memorial Park, Houston Texas, iPhone Pano, USA,Houston Dinner - iPhone PanoIMG_0838xx.jpg -AmsterdamIMG_0830xx.tif -AmsterdamIMG_0832xx.tif -AmsterdamIMG_0828  Road Warrior - 360 deg View, iPhone PanoIMG_0829xx.jpg -AmsterdamIMG_0826xx.jpg - Hamburg HauptbahnhofIMG_0821xx.jpg - Hamburg HauptbahnhofIMG_0818xx.jpg - Hamburg HauptbahnhofIMG_0747xx5.tif - iPhone Pano, ThailandIMG_0712xxx5.tif - iPhone Pano, ThailandIMG_0711xx5.tif - iPhone Pano, ThailandIMG_0705xx5.tif - iPhone Pano, Thailand