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Created 11-Sep-10
Modified 31-Oct-23
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Here are a few from the Singapore "Lantern Festival", 2010. All were shot with a Nikon D5000, hand-held at about 1/20sec, No Flash, Iso 5000 and above.

Mar. 2012 - I have also added so other shots from Singapore. Chinatown, Markets, Streets.

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DSC_0892.NEF- Lantern Festival 2010DSC_0859.NEF- Lantern Festival 2010DSC_0893.NEF- Lantern Festival 2010DSC_0881.NEF- Lantern Festival 2010DSC_0901.NEF- Lantern Festival 2010DSC_0850.NEF- Lantern Festival 2010DSC_0906.NEF- Lantern Festival 2010GPI_5777_417 Outing -Done.tif- China TownGPI_5752_392 Outing -Done.tif- China TownGPI_5734_374 Outing -Done.tif- Chinatown: Chinese Medicine StoreGPI_5603_244 Outing -Done.nef- ChinatownGPI_5597_238 Outing -Done.nef- ChinatownGPI_5763_403 Outing -Done.nef- ChinatownGPI_5711_351 Outing -Done.nef- Chinatown Vespa Scooter