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Created 13-Aug-08
Modified 31-Oct-23
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This was a quick trip into London during our flight layover to Singapore.

Our flight landed at about 10am in London. We squeezed through customs and caught the train to the city for a quick tour. After a late lunch of Fish & Chips and a 2 hour jaunt around town, it was back to Heathrow for the 13 hour second leg of our trip.

We must go back and do the city right. I want to get some night shots of the London Eye and the banks of the Thames. So where was all the cold, foggy, rain London is famous for? We had great weather … a rarity I understand. As Peter would say “when angles travel” … I guess.

Photo’s are poor.. travel snapshots at best. All are small jpegs, as out internet connection here in Singapore is a bit slow for quality size images… oh well, they will do for now. I’ll update it when we return… soon I hope!


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