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Created 7-Apr-12
Modified 16-Mar-15
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These are various Test & Setup shots from Nikon D800.

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Please note: This is a mixed gallery. Many of the images are unedited, or have been edited on an iPad using Snapseed App, or on a computer using Capture NX2 software. The iPad edits are not calibrated, where the Computer edits are Calibrated.

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Category:City Scenes
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Keywords:105mm, 14mm, 150-500mm, 17-35mm, 24-70mm, 40%, 500mm, 5k, 70-200mm, AF, Amsterdam, Angle, Art, Beach, Beach, Boardwalk, Bubba, Calibrated, Capture, Capture NX2, Car, Carnival, Cat, Comp, Crop, D800, D800, Dark, Den, Den Haag, EV, Egg, Exposure, Eye, Flowers, Fun, Galveston, Gene, Gene, Gene Inman, Germany, Gump, HDR, Haag, Hamburg, Hauge, Heights, Historic, Holland, Houston, Houston, Houston, Human Eye, IF-ED, Images, In-Camera, Inman, Island, Just, Lens, Light, Lighthouse, Long, Long Exposure, Low, Luneburg, Macro, Moon, NIKON, NX2, Neighborhood, Netherlands, Night, Night Photography, Nikon, Nikon, Nikon D800, Nikon105mm, Noise, North, North Sea, Parade, Photography, Pier, Plant, Pleasure, Pocketwizard, Prince., Rides, Run, SB900, Sammy, Sea, Sharpening, Sigma, Sky, Skyline, Snapseed, Station, Summer, Test, Test, Test Images, Test:, Test:14mm, Testing, Tests, Tests:, Texas, The, The Hauge, Train, Train Station, Tulips, USA, VR, Wide, Zoom, drops, f/2.8-4D, f/2.8D, f/2.8G, f/2.8G, iPad, images, in, lens., macro, of, playing, portrait, self, shots, shots"Night, test, test shots, the, using, water, wide, with,,

GPI_0623.JPG - Nikon D800Houston SkylineNikon D800 Test: Moon, Sigma 150-500mm @500mm, 40% CropNikon D800- Free Port Hamburg, Germany.Nikon D800 Test: Sigma 150-500mm, Through Window, 70% Crop8951 -  Nikon D800 Test:14mm Sigma Wide Angle Lens Tests (The Neighborhood Prince)Nikon D800 Tests - Galveston Island Beach - Texas7410 - Galveston Island Beach - Texas, Pleasure Pier7325 - Historic Pleasure Pier Galveston Island Beach - Texas7358 - Galveston Island Beach - Texas, Pleasure Pier13768:  Kohlfahrt 201310798 - Nikon D800 Test:Nikon 70-200mm with Sigma 2.0x Teleconverter Test10734 - Nikon D800 Test:Nikon 70-200mm with Sigma 2.0x Teleconverter TestIMG_0030FI_609 - Hamburg DB at Dammtor Station, Hamburg, Germany -Nikon D800 TestingFI_606 - Landungsbrücken near Harbor, Hamburg, Germany -Nikon D800 TestingFacebook CoverNikon D800 Test: High ISO , Available Light, ActionSaturday Night Rodeo - Fort Worth, Texas (2012)