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Created 27-Jul-10
Modified 31-Oct-23
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Singapore Police Raid on Balestier Rd.

While looking out the window at military jets training for the National Day, I noticed a caravan of Police vans sneaking up on the New Orchid Hotel on Balestier Rd. A few minutes later about about 20 women were escorted (no pun intended) to the Police vans in handcuffs. I snapped a few shots with the Sigma 150-500mm, from my 15 story perch. Guessing it's a hooker round-up?

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GPI_2823_00_B_1.tif -Police RaidGPI_2828_01_B_1.tif -Police RaidGPI_2829_02_B_1.tif -Police RaidGPI_2852_11_B_1.tif -Police RaidGPI_2831_03_B_1.tif -Police RaidGPI_2834_04_B_1.tif -Police RaidGPI_2851_10_B_1.tif -Police RaidGPI_2835_05_B_1.tif -Police RaidGPI_2842_06_B_1.tif -Police RaidGPI_2855_12_B_1.tif -Police RaidGPI_2844_07_B_1.tif -Police RaidGPI_2845_08_B_1.tif -Police RaidGPI_2856_13_B_1.tif -Police RaidGPI_2847_09_B_1.tif -Police RaidGPI_2860_14_B_1.tif -Police Raid