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Created 23-Jan-11
Modified 31-Oct-23
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A collection of photos (mostly snapshots) from our October 2010 trip to Bremen & Potsdam, Germany. All shots taken with a Nikon D5000.

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DSC_0920.NEF - Bremen GermanyDSC_0932.NEF - Bremen GermanyDSC_0944.NEF - Bremen GermanyDSC_0947-1- Bremen GermanyDSC_0961.NEF - Bremen GermanyDSC_0966.NEF - Bremen GermanyDSC_0971.NEF - Bremen GermanyDSC_0984.NEF - Potsdam GermanyDSC_0985-1.nef - Potsdam GermanyDSC_0987.NEF - Potsdam GermanyDSC_0996.NEF - Potsdam GermanyDSC_1019.NEF - Potsdam GermanyDSC_1022.NEF - Potsdam GermanyDSC_1036.NEF - Potsdam GermanyDSC_1040.NEF - Potsdam GermanyDSC_1046.NEF - Potsdam GermanyDSC_1056.NEF - Potsdam GermanyDSC_1059.NEF - Potsdam GermanyDSC_1073.NEF - Potsdam GermanyDSC_1077.NEF - Potsdam Germany