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Raven's Revenge Ride
2011, Huntsville, TX

Here are some select photos of the 2011 Raven's Revenge Ride in Huntsville, Texas.

The day started off pretty nice. At the start, it looked to be about 1000 riders. Franzi planned on riding the 52 mile course through the hills, but about 30 miles into the ride she decided to have a fight with a BRIGHT ORANGE traffic cone. In the end, the traffic cone won the battle. After doing her best triple somersault and landing upside-down on the blacktop, she was give a quick round of First-Aide at the next rest stop. Unfortunately, her bike didn’t fair as well. About 5 miles later the bike went down for the count. So our day ended there…

Blooded and bruised, we decided to head for the barn… so we didn’t get to see the finish or take any more pictures after the 37 mile marker.


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