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Created 13-Aug-08
Modified 31-Oct-23
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First Round of pictures from Shanghai, China.

This is a working project and current pictures are all compressed jpegs due to internet speed. Better processed quality shots to come as soon as I get my desktop work station and color calibration and editing software.


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Category:Travel and Places
Subcategory Detail:China
Keywords:Buddha, China, Garden, Jade, Market, Shanghai, Temple

GPI_8851 Shanghai, ChinaGPI_8872 Shanghai, ChinaGPI_8877 Shanghai, ChinaGPI_8881 Shanghai, ChinaGPI_8893 Shanghai, ChinaGPI_8897 Shanghai, ChinaGPI_8916 Shanghai, ChinaGPI_8930 Shanghai, ChinaGPI_8934 Shanghai, ChinaGPI_8936 Shanghai, ChinaGPI_8938 Shanghai, ChinaGPI_8939 Shanghai, ChinaGPI_8949 Shanghai, ChinaGPI_8950 Shanghai, ChinaGPI_8961 Shanghai, ChinaGPI_8964 Shanghai, ChinaGPI_8966 Shanghai, ChinaGPI_8973 Shanghai, ChinaGPI_8981 Shanghai, ChinaGPI_8985 Shanghai, China