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Created 23-Aug-10
Modified 31-Oct-23
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Okay.. here are some straight from the camera. Our summer weekend at Topline. 100 degrees (85 deg in the shade) and 95% humidity.. Geez

I'll edit and color correct when I get back to a real computer.


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GPI_3377.NEF - Weekend at ToplineGPI_3381.NEF - Weekend at ToplineGPI_3393.NEF - Weekend at ToplineGPI_3397.NEF - Weekend at ToplineGPI_3406.NEF - Weekend at ToplineGPI_3407.NEF - Weekend at ToplineGPI_3422.NEF - Weekend at ToplineGPI_3426.NEF - Weekend at ToplineGPI_3427.NEF - Weekend at ToplineGPI_3429.NEF - Weekend at ToplineGPI_3434.NEF - Weekend at ToplineGPI_3435.NEF - Weekend at ToplineGPI_3440.NEF - Weekend at ToplineGPI_3442.NEF - Weekend at ToplineGPI_3443.NEF - Weekend at ToplineGPI_3448.NEF - Weekend at ToplineGPI_3449.NEF - Weekend at ToplineGPI_3452.NEF - Weekend at ToplineGPI_3475.NEF - Weekend at ToplineGPI_3495.NEF - Weekend at Topline