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Created 29-Jun-10
Modified 31-Oct-23
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Tokyo, Japan March & April 2010

Here are some assorted images of our recent “twin” trips to Tokyo and the surrounding areas. This is a working Gallery, and I will be adding a few more as they are processed.


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GPI_5887_00465-Japan-done.jpg -- Tokyo JapanGPI_5877_00455-Japan-Done.jpg -- Tokyo JapanGPI_5921_00499-Japan-Done.jpg -- Tokyo JapanGPI_5930_00508-Japan-DoneTPZ.jpg -- Tokyo JapanGPI_5941_00519-Japan-done.jpg -- Tokyo JapanGPI_5982_00560-Japan- Done.jpg -- Tokyo JapanGPI_5994_00572-Japan-Done.jpg -- Tokyo JapanGPI_6037_00615-Japan-done.jpg -- Tokyo JapanGPI_6056_00634-Japan-done.jpg -- Tokyo JapanGPI_6103_00681-Japan-Done.jpg -- Tokyo JapanGPI_6163_00353-Japan-doneTPZ.jpg -- Tokyo JapanGPI_6233_00756-Japan-doneTPZ.jpg -- Tokyo JapanGPI_6546_01217-Japan-DoneTPZ.jpg -- Tokyo JapanGPI_6558_01081-Japan-doneTPZ.jpg -- Tokyo JapanGPI_6559_01230-Japan-doneTPZ.jpg -- Tokyo JapanGPI_6567_01090-Japan-DoneTPZ.jpg -- Tokyo JapanGPI_6576_01099-Japan-doneTPZ.jpg -- Tokyo JapanGPI_6593_01264-Japan-DoneTPZ.jpg -- Tokyo JapanGPI_6611_01134-Japan -doneTPZ.jpg -- Tokyo JapanGPI_6618_01289-Japan-DoneTPZ.jpg -- Tokyo Japan