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Vietnam was a wonderful trip, and even thought I picked-up a case of the Bird Flu and was stuck in bed for 48 hours, it was little consequence to the overall trip. Our trip entailed several days in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) with day trips to the Chu Chi tunnels, the floating market of the Mekong Delta, and rural regions of south Vietnam.

While hampered by some "technical problems" with my camera setup, I was still able to capture a few quality shots. This gallery (like many) is still a work in progress, as a filter issue made editing most of the shots a long and grueling process. I should have a few more quality images posted soon. For now.. this will give you a feel.

Vietnam (South Vietnam), was not at all what I expected. Knowing the history and realizing this country has only been open to the outside world for about 15 years, I expected severe third world conditions and an underling resentment towards Americans (or the West in general). I could not have been more wrong! This is a very beautiful country with a passion for progress. The people are the friendless we have met in Asia thus far and one gets no sense of animosity or bitterness towards Westerners.

Like south China, I was surprised to see that even though this is still very much a Communist country, free market capitalism is alive and flourishing. There is no doubt that the people of Vietnam will continue to push forward into the 21st century with great success. (something Indonesia should think about. but that's another story). As you will see, I am in awe with the traffic. Like China, the streets have about 50 motorbikes to every one car. Unlike China, this is not a country I will be diving in soon. It is amazing the volume of uncontrolled streets. During my 48 hour hotel confinement I spend much time watching the traffic from my window, like ants honking and buzzing around the streets and sidewalks! Nothing is off-limits... if you can drive on it, someone will.

I would highly suggest that all consider a trip to Vietnam, as it has earned a gold pin in our map of travels. In fact, our plans are to re-visit Vietnam over the 2008 Christmas holidays and combine it with several days in Phnom Penh & Angkor Wat ,Cambodia.

Hopeful we will get a chance to visit Hanoi and northern Vietnam in the upcoming months.


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